Monday, May 17, 2010

Solitude Pointe campground near Cleveland, SC

This was my primary destination on this trip; I was going to be here for four nights, which seemed a total luxury after two one-nighters in a row.

There were many good things about this campground, although overall it fell a little short of my expectations. The good things included the owners, who were extremely friendly and helpful--at least for my first two days; they seemed to be avoiding me for the second half of my stay, and I will probably always wonder why...gee, was it something I said? Or perhaps they just decided to put the solitude back in Solitude Pointe? At any rate, another plus was the roomy and sparkling clean bath house, which was actually two separate full bathrooms side-by-side. Less appealing to me was the setting, which is more a function of location than anything else. It was beyond "hilly" there. One walk around the campground loop was physically exerting. On the day I arrived there were tenters on the other side of it, some people involved in a wedding reception that was being hosted by the property were staying in the cabin directly opposite my site, and I believe they and I were the sole residents. The tenters left the next morning, and the bride and groom took over the cabin the next night. Everyone was gone the next morning, but later someone moved into the RV that had been parked next to my site. Speaking of my site, I was in #2.

One note about that site. In order to back into it, you have to overshoot it (as usual), which has you going down a very steep hill as well as over a large speed bump. And then you must push your camper in reverse up the hill and over the speed bump to get into the long, narrow site. Given the amount of trouble my car had with this (the towing capacity of cars does not reflect their ability to push that same weight while in reverse....) with my tiny Scamp, I can only imagine the struggle it would be with a large, heavy camper. There was really no way I could conceive of for them to avoid this, given the layout of the campground. If you are going to camp here and this seems like something you would want to avoid, I would get a site numbered 5 or above, at the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately, the only bath house is next to site #2, which means, if you use the bath house, negotiating that hill on foot if you are in a site at the bottom of the hill.....

I visited Table Rock State Park one day, which is just down the road from Solitude Pointe. Now this is a spot I highly recommend! Nice park with a lot of trails, a lake you can paddle in, and many, many waterfalls. And great views of Table Rock itself.

This is the lake near the visitors center, which is across the road from the park itself.

This is a view of the visitors center, with Table Rock in the background.

Here is Table Rock from a park road, along with a smaller mountain, which was considered by Indians that lived here long ago to be the stool that goes with the table.

And then off to Carrick Creek trail and the waterfalls!

Here are some waterfall photos that I got as I hiked the trail, which followed the creek for some distance.




I spent several hours at the park; the weather was fantastic.

There is no cell service at all at the campground so I stopped at a gas station/diner on my way back to call DH and touch base. I parked around the side of the building and got out of the car with the phone. While it was ringing at home, I turned around to see what was behind the building. I was more than a little surprised to see this staring at me:

There was a young one, too.

I took this long shot before I left.

There were also large white geese in the enclosure; it seemed to be on private property. Very strange!

I stayed at the camper the next day and relaxed and did a lot of reading. I was ready by then to head back south. I left before noon the next day.

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Sandra said...

Love the falls and especailly love the curly headed youngster ostrich. i bet you were surprised. GA is my home state and compared to FL, i pick FL and your FL campgrounds are wonderful.