Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New Views from St. George Island, Florida

Back again to St. George, this time my friend Deb from Indiana had driven down to join me. Deb's tent and my camper both fit nicely in site 57, which is a very roomy site. We had fantastic weather and did a lot of biking and beach walking over the four days we were there.

One day when we were driving into town we saw this unusual cloud formation over the water--basically a cloud tube. It was moving out to sea and losing its form, but I was able to get this photo of it.

On another day, we took our chairs down to the beach to sit and watch the surf. The little sandpipers were darting around at the water's edge.

And then the dolphin show began! We saw many, many dolphins, in groups of from two to six or more, swim by. These two were fairly close to the shore.

While I was waiting for one that had submerged itself to reappear, I got more than I expected!


And it lands with a splash!

We saw several dolphins jumping that afternoon, but since it's a somewhat unpredictable event, those are the only photos I got of jumps.

We saw several people walking on the beach that afternoon, all looking down at the sand for shells or ahead of them at the breaking surf, completely missing the show going on offshore.

It was another great trip to St. George, which remains far and away my favorite campground. It was almost full every day that we were there. I imagine that it will stay that way from here on until fall. I'd like to get in at least one more trip before the bugs arrive.


Sandra said...

oh my, wish i could have seen the dolphin splash down on its back. amazing sights. like that odd looking tube cloud also.

Vicki said...

Beautiful photos. How great that you got to see dolphins in their natural home. I have only seen them at places like Sea World or on television. Sounds like you had a very memorable trip.

The Florida Blogger said...

Wow! That cloud is something else.

Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual, glad you were able to get back on the water. I have missed your blog. I enjoy your camping tales too.
tammy in LA (lower Al. )

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Gorgeous photos that make me miss camping! Granted, here in Ohio we are short on Dolphin action but long on big stinky fish!

I love your subject matter - we are tent camping family - and your photos are just gorgeous.

Will be following you and look forward to more!